Recent Shipments

Import - Pegasus organized a 40ft Open Top Container from a manufacturer in Italy to Richmond, New Zealand for one of our clients.  This container was an EXW (Exworks) consignment which is from the factory door.  It had a variety of valves and pumps.  The main thing was a vacuum pumps for the back of trucks.  We organized also unpack and delivery to our client.

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Export - Pegasus arranged a 20ft container to be dropped off and picked up for shipment to Singapore with locally made Crisps.  Including delivery to the client in Singapore.

Export - As we talk to all the lines we can get great rates to anywhere in the world.  We have recently done a shipment of Dolomite to Melbourne, Australia for a local Golden Bay company.  

Import - Customs Clearance for a client who had already had freight organized from Korea.  But we will pick up of the Imports from Korea for this client.

Cross Trade - Facilitating a shipment from the US to Australia.  We organized origin transport and destination transport, packing and unpacking as well as Customs at both ends.  Just because it isn't in New Zealand.  Doesn't mean we can't help!

New Zealand Coastal - After the Kaikoura Earthquakes coastal shipping has had some what of a resurgence.  We work with MSC, ANL and Pacifica out of Nelson servicing most of countries International ports.  We can organize Origin and Destination trucking too.

Import - With weekly from America and fortnightly from Canada LCL services.  We are facilitating truck spares and other items for the heavy haulage industry.

Import - With Pegasus getting out and about in the region.  We are picking up cargo and new projects regularly.  We helped saved a customer over $400USD on origin transport as the supplier delivered into our CFS (Container Freight Station) for free.  This is one of the many services we provide around the world.

Export - A 10cbm shipment to the UK.  A new customer of Pegasus' and hopefully a long term one!